About the test

The Entry Application of Republic of AI Testing System, or EARAI for short, sponsored by The Republic Of AI Visa Center and co-organized by

Deep Blue Institute

. The test is designed for people applying to visit the AI Republic to assess their understanding of the culture of the Republic of AI.


All human beings who do not hold artificial intelligence Republic visas or valid residence certificate.

Assessment method:

Image recognition

The test will take images from human social networks, and the AI writer will give three possibilities for the information expressed by the images. The examinee can read the map and choose the most probable corresponding description; Or according to the description, select the matching picture.

AI probabilistic recognition example

Performance Evaluation:

Full score is 100 points, 60 points or above (including 60 points) is qualified.

Test Channel:

Set up three types of EARAI test based on the needs.

PBT -- paper based test

CBT -- computer based test

IBT -- Internet based test

Due to the epidemic, only the IBT (Internet based test) is now opened as the only channel.


1. In order to ensure the smooth progress of the online test, candidates should adjust the network in advance. The EARAI online test is provided as a web portal only. Please login via using a computer browser (not compatible with Internet Explorer).

2. Candidates please be seriously without cheating or surrogate in the test process.

3. The notice of EARAI test will be released on the official website of Deep Blue Institute. Please keep informed and complete the test successfully.